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Brand Analysis

With all branding exercises, we like to start with a full brand analysis of your business. Who are you targeting specifically? What are your USPs? What’s your position in the market? What type of image are you trying to portray? These are vital questions to be asked right at the beginning to help us build a strategic brand image which is focused on your target audience and what they look for in a brand.

We conduct Branding workshops for clients who are looking for more help on getting to know their brand and how they want to be viewed. Our workshops comprise of asking thought-provoking questions and discussions which help us form a brand identity; this even includes things like Mission Statements, Core Values & Brand Personality. From here, we start creating a consistent brand image which expands from logo and stationery to the content on your site and the way we form adverts.

Logo generation

As one of the most important parts of any branding exercise, your logo is what helps you gain recognition. We use all of the information gathered in the brand analysis to craft a unique, clean logo which is reflective of your business and its brand vision.

We consult on colour selection, recommending complimentary colour schemes as well as typography and fonts which we are best suited for your brand values. We are able to provide both graphically designed illustration as well as photography and photo manipulation to bring your logo to life.

Logo Generation - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex
Stationery Example - Huga Digital Marketing Sussex - Web Design Sussex


Once we have your key branding in place and a finalised logo, we are able to provide you with professionally designed stationery. From business cards to print literature, we help your business look consistent across all platforms, both on and offline. This will ensure that your brand will be seen as professional and will help obtain maximum brand image retention.

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