We work closely alongside our clients to develop comprehensive content strategies for effective content marketing, drawing from their knowledge in their field and combining this with our expertise. We focus initially on creating organic growth and traffic generation to your site and support this further with PPC options, which are tailored to the individual businesses needs and budgets.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in essence is the process of altering your site to fit criteria set out by search engines; this will help you climb up the rankings. At Huga, we focus on using a mixture of Technical SEO, Creative SEO & Local SEO.

Technical SEO makes sure that your site has great usability on all platforms, is speedy to use and is ticking all of the search engine’s technical requirement boxes.

While creative, content-based SEO is all about providing high-quality, valuable information for your customers, whilst using all the right keywords to help your rankings.

Mix this all in with local SEO which is aimed at being seen by customers in your target location, and we think we’ve got a great SEO mix which will help your business be found!

Content Marketing

SEO is a long-term strategy which requires a consistent effort, so we work with our clients on improving their content marketing so they’re providing their customers with the best content possible, whilst improving their SEO – it’s a win-win!

Content marketing is all about creating relevant, high quality, shareable content for your website. It’s a necessity for continual SEO, but can be a time-consuming activity. We offer everything from guidance to copywriting for our client’s dependant on their needs. We ensure that they’re keeping on top of the rankings, serving great content to their current customers and help them find new customers too.

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