Web Design is at the heart of what we do at Huga; all of our web project start with the design and this helps govern the direction of the website – how it looks, how it functions, how it engages your users. Our years of experience in web design have provided us with a keen eye for detail and strategy.
We don’t design a website that just looks good, we place as much focus on designing a site which is highly usable and functional for the user. Our website designers concentrate on the user experience and information architecture of the site’s design, and work with our development team to adapt the design to be responsive to all devises.

Brand Analysis & Competitor research

With all web design projects, we start with a thorough planning process.

We take all of the information gathered in our branding analysis, and conduct competitor and industry research to give us a well-rounded view of what needs are required from the website and how it can uniquely reflect your brand.

UX and IA

As we begin the design process, we start with wireframing the main structure of the site. In this stage, we map out the information architecture (IA) and user’s journey.

Our goal is to create the best user experience (UX) possible by ensuring the site is easy to navigate, is accessible for all types of users and will be usable on desktop, tablet & mobile. This stage is imperative for us to create a website which will perform to a high standard for your customers.


Once we’ve collectively agreed on the site’s structure and user journey, we begin to style the designs to reflect your brand.

In development, we use the latest technologies to structure the site using HTML5 and style it using CSS3. This means that you can rest assured in knowing that we are producing a site which is visually reflective of your brand, whilst being built to the latest conventions.

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